the path to inner beauty

it starts with you

A look doesn’t just inspire you.. it defines you! Oprah once said, “The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams”. Take a bold step forward and make your voice heard. With our design specialists, get ready to tell the world: I’m coming for you!


shine from head to toe

professional stylists

We are experienced licensed salon professionals specializing in eyebrow shaping as well as hair removal, cosmetic, & spa services. We use the very best professional products available in the industry. We have chosen products that are high performance, results oriented, and excellent for the hair and skin.

revitalizing beauty

one brow at a time

Your eyebrows convey messages about you, your personality & what you are feeling. Although you may not realize it, having incorrectly shaped brows can make you appear less confident or even angry. There is much more to shaping a brow than just removing stray hairs. At the Ibrow Studio brow shaping is a specialized art. Let us show you what that means!


shine bright like a diamond

because you’re worth it

A woman’s smile is contagious. It lights up the room and brings happiness to everyone around her. Explore the different services we offer and see how we can give you the elegant glow to inspire those around you.