The Magic of a Beauty Vanity

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Applying makeup everyday can be a major chore for some, especially busy women who are juggling work, kids, & home. We can lose that playful delight we used to get from playing with makeup, when we had a life before kids. Some gals are newbies to the whole makeup game altogether (even in their 40’s) so apply makeup has always been act of insecurity and dread, mixed with hopefully thinking that it’ll turn out ok, knowing it won’t. Then we have makeup rockstars that seem to have their lives together, meal prepped, kids lunches packed, spotless house, to work on time, and a full face of makeup. I’m talking contoured and highlighted and even have their hair curled! Do these fairytale women really exist though? Am I right? hahaha


I kinda fall in between all of these. Most days I’m running out the door with zero makeup, zilch. Which is pretty normal for me since I do tend to save my clean hydrated face for a makeup tutorial. But let’s get real I don’t do those everyday, so what’s my real excuse? Busy! I adore applying makeup because it’s a act of play, creativity, and it can be a lot of fun! Just don’t always have the time for it. Then there are unicorn days when I have my life together and I have a full face of makeup, hair done, and my house is so clean looks like no one lives here, but those days are far and few between. hahaha


I have a beautiful makeup space at my studio. When I sit there to put on makeup I feel empowered by the magical mirror lights and chandelier than hang above me. For a minute I am in makeup Narnia. And I play until my hearts content and I no longer look like a mombie. Here at home? It’s just my bathroom sink. No Narnia qualities AT ALL. In fact it can get a little cluttered which makes me want to spend no time there. Which got me thinking this morning how having a big girl vanity could really transform how we feel about applying makeup.


My makeup area at my Studio. Isn’t to pretty? Vanity lights available here. They are adhesive to the mirror! And have a on and off switch. Easy way to glam up a mundane mirror!

Think about how it feels when you walk into a luxury hotel bathroom, and how beautiful everything is in there, so you don’t want to just do your business and go. You want to linger, taking your time to wash your hands, apply the complementary lotions, and soak in the luxurious atmosphere. Versus if you have to go to a quick stop bathroom and not want to touch a single thing, do your business and run! Same concept with the space we do our daily beauty rituals. Is yours luxury or quick stop? Yeah, mine too. I am now on a mission to turn my home makeup area into something magical.


What’s your vanity space look like? Is it something that makes you feel happy? Or is it mundane? Do you think having a beautiful vanity area would inspire you to enjoy putting on your makeup? Let’s continue this discussion in my FB group Inspired Life and Beauty Social.



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  • Sheri Dyas Mellott

    Love this so much! You give us so many things to think about! Great piece!

    • Nicole Dionne

      Thank you! What fun a vanity can make our beauty rituals huh? Men have man-caves. Us ladies need luxurious vanities! lol

  • Sheryle

    My bathroom counter starts off clear and organized but I don’t put things away and it quickly becomes just “cluttered”. Then I’m become angry and guilty while digging thru the piles and stacks of makeup and brushes – looking for the right thing but taking lots of time to find it!

    • Nicole Dionne

      Mine too! My counter is boring at home. I’m thinking if I make it more luxurious perhaps It’ll be an incentive to keep it looking glamorous!

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