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You’d imagine that lash curling would just be as automatic as breathing air to a makeup artist. But not this one. I know the benefits of curling my lashes before mascara to create a more well defined eye, or before applying false lashes to help blend the natural lashes with the false ones. Still more often then not (well almost all of the time) I skip it. I don’t have naturally curly lashes that just stand at attention for mascara. Instead they are straight and point slightly down. Lashes tend to do that, when ya have a little asian blood in ya. Being a quarter Filipino has A LOT to do with my stick straight hair and curl-less lashes.

In my twenties I was very diligent about using my lash curler and wearing an array of cosmetics on this mug everyday. You wouldn’t catch me without my makeup, ever. Over time and four kids later it seems the only makeup I tend to wear day-to-day is mascara, BB cream, and a tinted lip balm. I feel like I’ve kinda turned into the “Bobbi Brown” type of makeup artist who doesn’t wear much makeup herself, yet loves to indulge in makeup to paint everyone else beautiful.

Now don’t get me wrong. I wear makeup. I love to wear it in fact. It has been a passion since my teen years. I would take my Teen Magazine, flip open to a ad that displayed a gorgeous model wearing beautiful cosmetics, and I would sit on the bathroom counter trying to replicate it. Or chasing my friends and family around with makeup brushes wanting to do their makeup! Simply  put I’m not less passionate, but I have gotten out of the daily habit. Partially because I am busy with kids, and partially because I need a clean face to create makeup tutorials. In which I tend to squeeze those in between appointments during the week.

The other day as I was putting away my work lash curler (which I do use religiously on clients for lessons and makeovers), I thought about how I didn’t use one on myself very often. I found myself admiring this strange looking, yet useful tool, which happened to be patented in 1931 in Rochester New York.  I got immersed looking at this shiny, rose gold metallic, original style, curler. Then I snapped a few pics of the rather odd, classic, fascinating, device. Which eventually led me to create this blog post.

In the jolt of inspiration, I had an idea to help me (and maybe you) get out of a rut, the Lash Curl Challenge! I figured if I don’t use a lash curler often, some of my readers don’t either. I thought to myself,  “Wouldn’t it be fun to challenge those of us who need a little push to incorporated this crazy looking contraption into our everyday routines?!”

Rules are simple; curl your lashes, apply mascara daily, snap a selfie, and post on your IG or FB using the hashtag #CurlMeChallange, or if you’re a little shy you can post your pic in our closed Facebook group Inspired Life and Beauty Social. Come on, don’t be shy, it’ll be fun! In fact everyone who participates in the challenge will be entered into a giveaway! Be sure to use the hashtag #curlmechallenge to be counted. Winner will be announced Dec. 1, 2018.

Ready to have some fun curling and whirling those lashes? I sure am! Quirky, silly, fun things like this add a splash of fun into the mundane. Wouldn’t ya say?  So if your ready to take the Lash Curl Challenge, I’ll see your selfie in the morning!


FUN FACT: Heat your curler with a blowdryer to warm the area that crimps your lashes. This will help your lashes curl better and stay curled longer.

FUN FACT: For a defined curl, first curl the base of the lash, then the center, and then the tip.

FUN FACT: There are many different styles of lash curlers on the market. Even heated curlers! Find the style you like and feel most comfortable using.

FUN FACT: You can get a lash lift & tint at a local salon and skip the curler all together. (Coming soon to Ibrow Studio.)

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