Are Anti-aging Products Are Aging You Faster?

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Most women get nervous as each year passes by and theagingprocess sets in.  In reality, we have been aging since birth. The first half of our life we are so excited for another year to pass and milestones to be reached. But there is something about approaching the big 30that puts a little fear in ya. Being in the skin care industry for nearly 20 years I get to be a part of this process for many women. They come to me to seeking help to slow hands of time, or tell me about some fad that they had just tried. The biggest mistake I see is ladies going for radical skin care products or treatments before its even time to bring in the big guns.

Did you know you may be aging your skin quicker with your antiaging products? Most antiaging products on the market have chemical exfoliants in them. The most common are; retinol, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and vitamin C. In moderation these ingredient are perfectly safe and effective. However, when they are used daily found in your cleanser, toner, moisturizer, serums, and night creams, its too much. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Daily exfoliating can be irritating to the skin, thin the skin, and expose fresh cells to environmental damage which accelerate aging. Lets take salicylic acid for example. Salicylic can remove 3 layers of the skin. It can take 6 months, after discontinuing use, to rebuild those layers. Fewer layers of the skin equals less protective layers, and an increase risk of sun and environmental damage, which in turn accelerates aging. The only time frequent exfoliation is advised is if a specific skin condition is being treated. However, it is a temporary treatment, that is stopped once results are achieved. After results are achieved, maintenance products (that are not exfoliating) are recommended, and exfoliation advised 1 to 2 times a week.

In my professional experience I have seen women use very harsh product that leave their skin irritated and red. Even though their skin does not look happy or healthy, they continue on using those products with the hopes itll keep aging at bay, without realizing it actually is causing damage. For nearly 20 years I have witnessed clients using acne products in their 20s, which are loaded with exfoliants, to then switch to anti-aging products come their 30s, to then need beaching products in their 40s to get rid of hyper pigmentation. And then desperate to reverse the loss of skin tone in their 50s. All the exfoliation day after day, year after year, has caused this breakdown. The effort to prevent in fact is the cause. When the skin layers are reduced, you’re exposing healthy new cells to things that harm the skin, like the sun and pollution. The more layers of protection the better. But we are a instant gratification society, so starting a daily exfoliating routine seems to help almost instantly, but don’t come without side effects.

As a holistic Aesthetician I advise my clients and my readers to care for your skin, simply. I am not meaning Dove soap or Oil of O’lay either. My recommendation is to know your true skin type, and get on simple professional regimen; cleanser, toner, moisturizer, exfoliant (12x a week), night cream (if recommended for you), and a sunscreen (everyone needs a sunscreen.) Thats it! It really is that simple. Keeping your skin layers hydrated, protected, and healthy is the goal and will help keep the skin in top condition and slow the aging process.

Aging however is not only external. Internal factors affect how well you age. Do you smoke? Is your diet full of processed or fast food? Do you skimp on fresh fruit and veggies? Do you drink more pop, tea, coffee, than you do water? How mindful you are of personal nutrition and health, will affect how well you age. Eating unrefined unprocessed foods, fresh fruits and veggies, getting plenty of purified water, avoiding processed foods and sugary drinks, consuming omega 3, 6, 9, and not smoking, will keep your skin-organ healthy and youthful.

Moral of the story? Your current skin care regimen may be aging you. For younger skin; get rid of your antiaging products that contain exfoliants. Get on a professional regimen, exfoliate 1 to 2 times per week, wear sun protection, and take care of your internal health. Sounds simple, right? Being healthy is. We just live in a fast paced, money driven, society that distract us from the truth. We want it now and we want it quick. However, in the long run this is the least effective.

How do you feel about aging? What is your current beauty routine? Does is contain exfoliants? Do you use sun protection? Are you a healthy eater? Do you drink purified water or do you drink more sodas than you do water? Let’s keep the discussion going in the comments & in my private group Inspired Life & Beauty Social. I look forward to connecting with you. 


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