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The trend right now is big lashes and big brows. The latest lash service trending is the Lash Lift. A Lash Lift is all about getting the most out of your natural lashes. It curls and lengthens eyelashes, lasting up to 6 weeks! This treatment is a great alternative to those not suited for lash extensions due to a glue allergy, watery eyes, someone who rubs their eyes often, and those who find it difficult to sleep on their back, which you have to be conscious of when wearing lash extensions.

What to expect during your visit

First you will lay comfortably on the treatment bed, your eye lashes will be cleansed (be sure to come in without eye makeup or mascara.). Then a hydro gel eye mask will be placed under your eyes. The appropriate silicon lash curler will be adhered to your eyelid right along the lash line. Next your lashes will be adhered to the lash curler. Once the lashes are prepped and placed on the curler, a series of solutions are systmatically placed on the lashes and timed. During the lash treatment your lashes will also be colored a deep black for dramatic affect. After the each solution cycles through, the curler and the excess residue is removed. The final results are long gorgeous lashes. (Length varies based on your natural lashes.)

A Lash Lift is the perfect treatment for creating long curled lashes, that bring definition to your peepers. The perfect alternative to false lashes and extensions. It gives the eyes a defined, bright eyed look, with virtually no upkeep at home. Next time you’re looking for a way to amp up your lashes consider scheduling a Lash Lift!

At The Ibrow Studio we have 2 Lash Lift buying options: Individual treatment at full price or a 6 week subscription at a 35% discount. Click the link to schedule.

Check out my new eyelash favs. This Grande Lash trio thickens, lengthens, and extends natural lashes. Pair these products with the lash lift for dynamic results. (Available at the Ibrow Studio.)


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