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Your eyebrows convey messages about you, your personality & what you are feeling. Although you may not realize it, having incorrectly shaped brows can make you appear less confident or even angry. There is much more to shaping a brow than just removing stray hairs. At the Ibrow Studio brow shaping is a specialized art. 
For those of you curious about reshaping your brows, The Ibrow Studio offers three different services to choose from. We can design a brow to fit your personality, eye shape, face shape, or even match your favorite celebrity. Our personalized approach to brows and spa services has quickly gained an acclaimed reputation. Also featured at the Ibrow Studio is the revolutionary Nufree Nudesse hair removal system. It is derived from natural elements like soy and is less painful than conventional waxing. 
In addition to brows, the Ibrow Studio offers: hair removal, customized facials, body treatments, makeup application, personalized skin care, brow & lash tinting & eyelash extensions. 
If you are looking for an instant eye lift, a boost of confidence or just a fresh, new shape, set an appointment today with the Ibrow Studio!

Nicole Dionne (Willis)
Senior Aesthetician, Waxologist, Eyebrow Designer, Spa Therapist, Make-up Artist, and Trainer.
Nicole was trained & licensed in Seattle Washington in 1999 & is currently board certified in Oklahoma and holds a current state license.
She has worked as an Aesthetician, Makeup Artist & Eyebrow Designer in Seattle Washington, Spa's in Edmond Oklahoma & for MAC Cosmetics.Since 2002 she has owned and operated The Ibrow Studio, and offers professional training classes.
Thank you for inquiring about THE IBROW STUDIO. If you have any questions please call Nicole at 348-BROW.

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Ibrow Studio is located at:
1019 Waterwood Parkway C, Suite F-2, Edmond, OK 73034