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A complete Waxing Menu to fit your hair removal needs! The Ibrow Studio is a registered NuFree Nudesse Professional Salon. NuFree is a non-wax/non-sugar soy hair removal system. Guaranteed to give you safe long lasting results! Our system stays at 98.6 degrees; your body temperature and is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.
Highly skilled in the art of hair removal, our exclusive techniques will ensure a more pain free, long lasting hair removal experience.
Hair removal gives back your time spent shaving, and smooth hair regrowth. Unlike the prickly continuous growth from shaving.
If you are tired of shaving and the results it produces. Call today to set your hair removal experience! 348-BROW.

*Please be advised to discontinue use of any skin care or topical medications that contain retinol, salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, or any chemical exfoliants for a minimum of 48 hours before waxing services.This include anti-aging and acne products or topical medications.Please inform technician of any medications internal or external prescribe by a dermatologist.
Lip Wax
10min $12
Face Wax
25min $42
Arm Wax
Full Arm $38
Half Arm $30
Chest Wax
30min $40+
*Price is adjusted according to the
amount of hair being removed.
Back Wax
40min $40+
*Price is adjusted according to the
amount of hair being removed.
Toe Wax
5min $5
*Includes all toes
Chin Wax
Neck Wax
15min $15
Underarm Wax
20min $23
Bikini Wax
30min $38
Brazilian Wax
Woman Only

up to 45min $75
Full Leg Wax
60min $58
Half Leg Wax
30min $38
Facials & Body Treatments
European Facial
Indulge your senses in aromatic botanicals, the art of touch & the soothing sounds of music. Your service includes a skin analysis, deep pore cleansing, facial steam, exfoliation, an entrancing facial, decollate', foot & scalp massage. A mask, toner & moisturizer will conclude your journey.
1hr $78
Maintenance Facial
For those who do not have a full hour to spend at the Spa, but want to reap the benefits of a European Facial. This service is a mini version of the full hour treatment.
30min $58
Men's Skin Fitness Facial
A rejuvenating facial just for men! This treatment will decrease the effects of aging, soften your tough beard making shaving more comfortable & bring total relaxation to your body & mind. This service includes a skin analysis, deep pore cleansing, facial steam wrap, exfoliation, facial, foot & scalp massage, mask, toner & hydrator.
45min $78
Acne Treatment
Reverse acne with an Acne Treatment Series & a healing home regimen. This service is not a one time miracle & only for those who will be dedicated to clearing up their skin & follow a strict home regimen. Excellent for those under a Dermatologist care for an amplified recovery. This service includes, skin analysis, a medicated deep pore cleansing, facial steam wrap, exfoliation, extractions, lymphatic drainage, a medicated mask, toner, & hydrator. 
Series of 4 $225
* The number of series recommended will be base on your skin's condition & the length of the skin disorder.
Anti-Aging Treatment
Reverse premature aging, slow the aging process & tighten & brighten your skin. This treatment will help erase sun damage, improve the texture of crepe skin & give you a more youthful appearance. The service is only for those who are serious about improving their skin. This is not a one-time miracle but a series of  treatments & a strict home regimen. Keep in mind skin damage occurred over time, in turn it would take time to reverse its effects.
Series of 4 $225
*The number of series recommended will be based on your skin's condition.
Add the following to any spa service.

Hand Massage              Foot Massage
$5                                $5

Hand Mask                   Foot Mask
$5                                $5

Hot Stone

Your Choice of Aromatherapy can be added complimentary  to most body services by request.